also known as Tapping

Diana Moore
New Zealand
This page is dedicated to all those of those people who are experiencing anxiety, shock and panic after experiencing a flood. 

After such a terrifying ordeal, it is easy to slip into depression and be so fearful that it affects not only you but those around you.

The free instruction below are techiques that you can use to sooth your soul again. 

Don't be fooled by its simplicity. EFT is an amazing techique that sometimes years of psychotherapy and councelling can be addressed in a few minutes.

Try and it and see!

Click on the link below to print out your own Step by Step Instructions for EFT.  Then click on the video to see how to use it.

Once you have learnt the technique, download the Statement form which will give you some more ideas of what to address.  Once you have gone through EFT you may find that you hear yourself come up with its own statements.  E.g: Actually I really feel like this........................... If something comes up for you, write it down and do it for your next round.
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